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Personal Risk
Personal Risk

Customized personal insurance and risk management solutions for your distinct lifestyle

SCM delivers world-class service by focusing on partnership and personal attention. Our high standards of communication, individual mastery and care have made SCM a leader in the field of personal insurance.

We undertake a detailed review and evaluation of your personal exposures. After thoroughly analyzing our results, we create a tailored program appropriate for your needs. Only through careful planning can we create an insurance program that will respond in a manner consistent with your desires, lifestyle and tolerance for risk.

The science of asset security begins with a personal risk assessment and goes beyond simply helping you choose insurance. Our goal is to:

  • Create a personal risk management program unique to you
  • Assist you in evaluating your personal risks and the impact of potential losses
  • Create a highly-tailored protection program that best mitigates those risks


Our personal risk specialists achieve the results we are known for in the industry by using our 4-Step Process:


Review all aspects of protection currently utilized and options available to create a customized protection solution


Uncover the exposures and recommend the right risk management approach


Implement exclusive risk management tools; and in the event of a claim, provide guidance and assistance every step of the way


Assess using renewal questionnaires, surveys, and wealth evaluation; report marketplace competitiveness

Just as an investment manager is focused on preserving the value of your portfolio, we are dedicated to protecting the value of your assets. Our expertise and strong carrier relationships will assist you in obtaining the best possible insurance coverage including, but not limited to:

  • Homeowners
  • Auto
  • Yachts/recreational vehicles
  • Personal liability and umbrellas
  • Valuables/private collections
  • Employment practices liability for domestic employees
  • Personal and home security analysis
  • Wildfire protection


A seemingly small change, such as hiring a nanny or volunteering at a non-profit organization, can affect your exposure to loss. The passage of time also has an effect. Your wine or fine art collection can easily appreciate to the point where it is under-insured. A thorough and on-going approach to personal risk analysis is the key to meaningful insurance solutions. Our goal is to equip you with the tools and resources necessary to make educated decisions regarding your insurance and ultimately bring you peace of mind.