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SCM Presents is a monthly educational speaker series featuring industry experts hosted by SullivanCurtisMonroe. The seminars cover relevant issues and risk management techniques that can help protect your business and personal life. SCM Presents is a complimentary service to our clients and friends, and seminars are for educational purposes only.

Latest Videos

February 2018: Water Damage - The real threat to your home

Craig Crowder, AIG

AIG Private Client Group Regional Manager and risk management expert Craig Crowder discusses the commonality of water damage and the steps homeowners can take to reduce their home's vulnerability. Most think water damage is the least of their worries, but it is one of the largest contributors to homeowners' significant premium increases.


November 2017: Create a Mentally Healthy Workplace

Noma Bruton, Sagacity HR

Award-winning HR expert Noma Bruton discusses major mental health issues affecting American workers and how to identify and prepare for potential workplace mental health scenarios.

Partial Transcript: Mental illness does not discriminate and it will attack any position, any job there is. Some of you may be aware that or you may recall a pilot a few years ago that drove or flew his plane into a mountain. That was his job; he was a pilot. When we think about other positions, we can think about scientists, Albert Einstein, found mental illness during his career. People like Ernest Hemingway, they also encountered mental illness. He was a writer. People like Mike Wallace, a journalist. People with very influential jobs have encountered mental illness, including this gentleman (picture of Abraham Lincoln on screen). When we tend to think about jobs, we tend to think about the jobs that are in our immediate workplace. But actually, mental illness impacts all people and all jobs. Some of them have tremendous influence such as the job of the President of the United States.

October 2017: Jump on the Wellness Wagon - Taking your company to a healthier place

Dr. Mitra Hooshmand, Ph.D., Dir. of Scientific Programs at Americans for Cures, Prof. at California State University, Fullerton, Owner of Mixx Yoga

Neurobiologist and entrepreneur Dr. Mitra Hooshmand, Ph.D., discusses company wellness programs and their effect on employee productivity and happiness.

Partial Transcript: The number of employers or firms that are now using wellness programs in the U.S. has significantly increased. So in 2006, that number was 27% and this last year it was reported to be more than 76%. And this suggests that more employers are becoming aware of the importance of having wellness programs. Clearly, it’s doing something that’s helping other companies so that everybody else is jumping on the bandwagon. That brings us to the question of what these programs are offering which gives us some insight about why this may be a good idea. What they offer ranges from a variety of different programs.

September 2017: The Sharing Economy Trend - Risks associated with Airbnb, Uber and joint property ownership

Sadie Bailey, CPCU, API, SullivanCurtisMonroe

SCM's Senior Vice President of Personal Risk Management Sadie Bailey, CPCU, API, discusses the popular sharing economy and risks surrounding services like Airbnb, Uber and others, as well as joint property ownership (e.g., vacation homes).

Partial Transcript: This has to do with shared property ownership and the sharing economy trend where they’re actually sharing their vehicles. They’re using that for income. They’re sharing their properties doing some short-term rentals, but it’s considered to be a good thing. There’s a lot of sharing going on which we know to be a good thing, but ultimately what’s the real cost of that? And that’s what we’re going to talk about with this seminar today. What is that doing? What are the risks? So, here’s what we’re seeing on that side. So we’re talking about the sharing of properties, car, home, general property ownership. And a lot of that is happening for many reasons. There’s a lot of positives related to that. Sharing cars, reducing expenses, income. And what we’re seeing right now is much like the online shopping phenomenon that took over. Initially that took some while to get some traction. People and I’ll even include myself in that. I was a little hesitant to use my credit cards and buy things online. Now I would say I do that constantly. I’m comfortable with it. I feel that it’s something that’s convenient and often I can get a better deal on it. That’s kind of where we’re going with this too. We’ve seen that it’s certainly progressed to that point.


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