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Industry Expertise

About our industry divisions

We understand unique risks

No two companies are exactly alike. Your industry, your organization, and even relations within your business have their own unique characteristics and needs. We provide more than just insurance products – we provide customized risk management strategies. Our solutions are driven by listening, first; and then finding answers to your unique risks.

At SCM, we seek to understand all aspects of your industry by continually networking, engaging in industry conferences and events, and by reading related periodicals.  This specialized experience affords you with innovative and leading insight relative to serving your distinct, ever-changing business needs.

Our insurance experts effectively manage risk across multiple industries. Here, we have included some key areas of focus to illustrate our breadth of expertise. SCM hasn’t always been a specialty brokerage firm, but we’re proud of the niche we’ve built and filled in the marketplace. This focused, strategic approach allows us to truly differentiate ourselves and deliver the best consulting services and insurance programs available. We invite you to partner with us to develop a long-term plan that mitigates your risks, yields excellent terms and conditions and helps you succeed.